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At Home Put Down Pet Services

Animals are such agreeable friends. They ask no questions, Pass no criticisms.


​ -George Eliot


Dr. Brown has been practicing veterinary medicine since graduating from The Ohio State University  in 1990. She has practiced zoo medicine, waterfowl and raptor rehabilitation and research, exotic and avian pet medicine, and also companion animal medicine. She moved to Northwest Louisiana in 2004 and has provided relief and veterinary services for area veterinary clinics and for Chimp Haven. Dr. Brown has great compassion and empathy for the human-animal bond, understanding pet owners consider their pets family members. When the end of life comes for a pet family member, it is a difficult emotional time for the human family. Realizing that opportunities for pet families to keep their pets at home for euthanasia are limited in the Shreveport-Bossier and Northwest Louisiana area, she created Gift Of Compassion. By allowing a pet to take its last breath at home among the family it loves, Dr. Brown hopes this difficult time will be less traumatic and more peaceful, as it should be when saying goodbye to a loved one.

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